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Hi, I’m Paul Lemberth and photography has been my passion for more then 18 years. I love working with people, getting to know them and creating something special. I have a studio in north London and also in Warsaw, although I will also travel to you. 

My approach is natural and adaptable, delivering fresh stylish creative photographs that are spontaneous and energetic. The result is a storybook of beautiful pictures in both black and white and colour – encapsulating emotion, mood and fun. Let me create dream photos of yourself, your family, friends, or maybe just your beloved pets!

Come to my studio in north London for a private photo shoot. I can arrange for assistance with hair and also provide a make-up artist.  Your sitting can be as inventive as your imagination will allow; create something special today to keep forever.

I can photograph buildings and interiors, as well as products, for use in promotional and other material. I can also help you with photographs that capture the best of your property or car, which you can then use to keep as a record during transactions.

I promise photographs that will spark pride and fondness, but most of all, you will remember the thing that made it all worthwhile – the fun!

Let me help you remember those special events, whether it’s at a sporting event, a party, or on a romantic trip.

My range of corporate photography includes: conferences; corporate away-days; training sessions; corporate sports events; projects; products; buildings and interiors.

Let me give you choice – from strictly commercial photographs through to something different and imaginative.

Please look through my website and call or email me if you have any questions.


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