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Sport Relief

Sport Relief

Join me Sunday 23rd March at Olympic Park for Sport Relief Mile

Sport Relief

Sport Relief


Great photo for Tom :) )

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The Speaker of the House of Commons

The Speaker of the House of Commons is the presiding officer of the House of Commons, the United Kingdom‘s lower chamber of Parliament.

The current Speaker is John Bercow, who was elected on 22 June 2009, following the resignation ofMichael Martin.

He was returned as an MP in the 2010 general election and was re-elected as Speaker when the House sat at the start of the new Parliament on 18 May 2010.

The Speaker of the House

The Speaker of the House

The Speaker presides over the House’s debates, determining which members may speak. The Speaker is also responsible for maintaining order during debate, and may punish members who break the rules of the House. Unlike presiding officers of legislatures in many other countries, the Speaker remains strictly non-partisan, and renounces all affiliation with his or her former political party when taking office. The Speaker does not take part in debate nor vote (except to break ties, and even then, subject to conventions that maintain his or her non-partisan status). Aside from duties relating to presiding over the House, the Speaker also performs administrative and procedural functions, and remains a constituency Member of Parliament (MP). The Speaker has the right and obligation to reside in Speaker’s House at the Palace of Westminster.[1]

Ted – challenge

Ted – Movie

Movie with Ted the horse is avail be to view at You Tube:
▶ Ted – YouTube

Wimbledon 2013

Andy Murray won his first Wimbledon title and ended Britain’s 77-year wait for a men’s champion with a hard-fought victory over world number one Novak Djokovic.

Andy Murray Wimbledon 2013

Andy Murray

The Queen led congratulations to Andy Murray as he became the first British tennis player to win the men’s singles title at Wimbledon for 77 years.


London Pride 2013

Pride in London 2013

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Anna Grodzka Kaleidoscope Trust London

2013 05 16 -17  Anna Grodzka & Kaleidoscope Trust


Anna Grodzka & Kaleidoscope trust

Anna Grodzka & Kaleidoscope trust

Comic Relief at The BBC

BBC TV Centre Comic Relief   15 March 2013


BBC TV Centre Comic Relief   15 March 2013

BBC TV Centre Comic Relief 15 March 2013

Student Pride Brighton

2013 03 02 Student Pride Brighton

Adele Roberts BBC 1Xtra

Adele Roberts BBC 1 Xtra

Adele Roberts BBC1Xtra

Adele Roberts BBC1Xtra



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